• Skyview has two successful programs to support students who may be struggling in class.
  • The purpose of each program is to provide timely support to assist students with time management, organization, and content.
  • Grades are pulled weekly and students are moved in and out of groups as needed.
  • For more details, please read this explanation from Pricipal Dawn Mark: Principal Mark Learning Support Explanation



Students are assigned Lunch Table if they have a failing grade. Lunch Table is a quiet, supervised room during lunch for students to work on missing assignments or to read. A student earns their way out of Lunch Table by raising all their grades to at least a C-. Students are still able to purchase and eat lunch during Lunch Table.


2.  KITCHEN TABLE (After School Homework Group)

Sometimes students need to put in some additional work at the kitchen table. Students who have been in Lunch Table for two weeks or more, and have not shown improvement in their grades, will be referred to Kitchen Table and will no longer attend Lunch Table. Kitchen Table meets two days a week on Monday and Thursday from 3:05 to 4:35. After school Activity Busses are provided. Kitchen Table provides personalized support by teachers so that students can get the help they need to catch up in their classes. If students do not attend Kitchen Table, they must continue attending Lunch Table.



If you have any questions or concerns about these learning programs please contact:  Assistant Principal Brandi Doyle at 425.408.6825, or at